Our Privacy Policy

To keep SignHow a safe community space for all our members, please follow the below guidelines:

To set up an account, you must be 13 years or older, or have the permission of a parent/guardian. You also agree as a user of SignHow, you agree to upload signs in sign languages that you know fluently, and ensure the words and tags are spelt correctly. This helps make it easy to search for signs.

Only upload videos that you have created yourself. Either film yourself, or make sure you ask the person you are filming for permission to share it.

Protect your own privacy. It is best to film against a plain background. To learn more about uploading great signs to SignHow, please go refer to ACCAN.

If a sign is not correct, please click "Report the sign" - our team will review and remove if the sign is not correct or inappropriate. The SignHow team is responsible for approving users, setting account limits, checking videos before they are shown publicly and monitoring reported signs. Please email us at hello@signhow.co.