Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, it is free to search signs in any language if you are on free membership.

You can choose any time to pay and upgrade to standard membership.

Standard members get access to learning tools to help improve receptive and signing skills faster. Free members can search signs but cannot access the learning tools. You can also change your mind and return to free membership any time.

Guess what?
You can use your NDIS funding or Employment Assistance Fund to cover one year membership. Contact us here to ask us how! 

SignHow is able to sustain itself as a business in collaborating with the deaf communities, thanks to the support of our standard members.

The more standard members joining SignHow, the more signs we can add on SignHow. Please consider supporting us achieve our goal faster in building the largest sign language dictionary with deaf communities!

Guess what?
You can use your NDIS funding or Employment Assistance Fund to cover one year membership. Contact us here to ask us how! 

Yes, you can!
First, chat with an accountant to ensure that you can claim back the cost of a standard membership on your tax.
If yes, then include SignHow Standard membership invoice along with other information at tax time (usually, 30 June every year).
If you are unsure, please chat with an accountant who will be able to advise you.

NOTE: SignHow does not provide financial advice. Please ensure to consult with people who will be able to provide you with the right and correct advice to make a financial decision.


You can fully claim 1 year Standard membership with your NDIS funding. 

If your plan goals relates to: 
  • Auslan tuition
  • Communication development/improvement and 
  • Your core fund is flexible (ie. under Consumables)

How to place an NDIS order?
If you are self-managed, you can simply proceed to checkout and make your payment. 
A link to download your invoice will be emailed to you, and you can then submit it to the NDIS for reimbursement.

If you are plan-managed, go here to fill out your NDIS details for us to send you a NDIS invoice with details how to pay. 
Forward the email with the invoice to your plan manager for payment. Once we receive the funds in our account, we will action your order straight away.

Request your LAC or NDIS Planner to approve in cost in advance. Ask for further advice how to include this in your goals and funding.

We are happy to help. Contact us or email directly on

If you are Deaf, fluent in Auslan or Deafblind Auslan, please fill out this form.

Please introduce yourself with your name and location - and we will get back to you to discuss the next steps! We are in particular interested in capturing older generational Auslan signs that are rarely used today.

If you are hearing and have suggestions on how to we can add more signs on SignHow, please contact us here.

There are 3 ways you can support SignHow right now: 
  • Sponsor a project with our team to add a specialised group of signs for you
  • Use your NDIS funds pay our team to add signs as high priority for you, your family and/or your group
  • Become a Deaf contributor to add more signs onto SignHow. 

Contact us here if you have other ideas or want to learn more how to support SignHow. 

This is a community sign resource, so there may be some signs that need improving.

Our team and deaf community members on SignHow are keen to take on feedback and improve these signs and spelling from other Deaf community members. This is how we believe we can make a most accurate resource for you. Just like Wikipedia.

Type of feedback you can consider include:
  • HOLME (Handshape, orientation, location, movement, expression)
  • Dialect (update locations of a particular sign seen and used)
  • Older generational signs that are rarely used in the Deaf community
  • Signs that may be considered as Signed English, not Auslan

After we receive and assess the feedback, we will follow up with you to discuss how we can improve the signs and English spelling on SignHow so that it is more accurate and clear for everyone to learn from. Please provide your feedback here


Right now, we are focused on building a comprehensive resource in Auslan. 

At the moment, there is 7,500 Auslan signs recorded in clear educational formats, but it’s estimated that there are approximately over 50,000 Auslan signs - just not recorded or on one platform! Once we achieve this goal with SignHow, we will work with other languages, ensuring that the Deaf communities can access signs in their own languages. This is a very big project, and we thank you for your patience and support while we work hard to make this happen as soon as we can!