Using SignHow is Easy

SignHow is the first global sign language dictionary created by the community for the community. You can do this anywhere and anytime. The power is in your hands.

Watch the below videos to learn how to search and add signs on SignHow:

Three ways to search

Free account

All free accounts can enjoy searching all signs and phrases in all languages.

Paid account

  • Search all signs and phrases in all languages
  • Upload your own videos into your private library
  • Request a Sign: Can't find the sign you are looking for? Add in a request for the community to add to the platform!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did you create Signhow?
We created this platform because we recognise there is a huge gap in the market for a central platform with signs used by Deaf communities around the world. We even couldn't find the signs ourselves! This platform has been 4 years in the making.

Who are the users in the videos?
All users are currently deaf and hard of hearing. We are working on including sign language interpreters, CODAs (A child of deaf adult), SODAs (sibling of deaf adult). Stay tuned by following any of our social media channels.

Can I add my own videos?
Yes! In your paid account, you can add your videos to your own private library. This can help you practise by reviewing your own signs or to add signs that you often forget and want to store in a secure place, such as SignHow!

Can I make my videos public for everyone to see?
You must be approved by us (co-founders) to add videos publicly - this ensures that the quality of signs are accurate - thus continuing to make this platform useful for everyone to learn a sign language - and quickly! At the moment, we welcome all fluent signers to contact us at

Still have questions? We are happy to answer!
Email us at