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Questions and Answers

1. Why did you start Signhow platform?
We started Signhow platform because there is a huge market gap who are very struggling to find and learn sign language across around the world. Mostly deaf, students and interpreters community often uploaded their sign on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to share. Ever asked each other what is the sign? There are still only a few global dictionaries. Signhow created by two deaf people in Melbourne, Australia. See our humble story.

2. Who are the users in the videos?
All users are native deaf, hard of hearing, sign language interpreters, CODA (A child of deaf adult) and anyone who knows sign language well.

3. Can I work with you?
We'd love to work with you! Currently, we are a small team and based in Melbourne, Australia. We are still growing. Chat to us about how we work and express your interest in joining our team. Email us:

4. How can I become an Signhow partnership or ambassador?
Yes you can but we are only select the right relationship with partnership or ambassador. Chat to us about how can you be a partner or ambassador with us. Email us:

5. What is your future goals for Signhow?
Currently, we are still investing for the future goals. We aim to improve Signhow platform and exciting innovation projects like Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and tech education.

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