New Signs for Tomorrow

SignHow is the first global sign language dictionary created by the community for the community. You can add common signs and phrases used in your community. You can do this anywhere and anytime. The power is in your hands.

SignHow is a community sign language dictionary so some signs may not be official but are used in different communities around the world. This dictionary is useful in almost every situation:

Add signs useful for your education: Art, English, Science, Drama, History, Maths - signs can be specific and or simple.

Whether you work in banking, law, medicine or your own business - add signs (including work jargon) that you use among your work colleagues.

This dictionary is your one stop shop. With over 300 sign languages, you can learn whatever sign language on the fly!

Met a deaf person? Keen to learn a bit of sign language? Learn to sign!

Our Humble Story

2010 – While at deaf-owned restaurant in Paris, Nikhil couldn’t understand a deaf waitress using French Sign Language. Nikhil wished he was able to learn basic French Sign Language online but did not know where to search.

2012 – Sophie and Nikhil meet through mutual friends in Melbourne and have have worked together on number of projects for various deaf organistations in Melbourne.

2013 - Upon planning a holiday in Japan, Sophie discovered just how difficult to find a good sign language dictionary to help her learn Japanese Sign Language. She starts to hope that there will be soon a global sign language dictionary.

2016 – Sophie became an Auslan teacher in Brisbane. She starts noticing that her past issues were similar to those of her students: there were no online resources to help students retain signs that they have learned in classes.

2017 - Sophie decided to do further research on the idea of a sign language dictionary search engine for Auslan only. Upon inspiration, she asked Nikhil to join forces once a concept was made. Both agree with the idea of a global sign language dictonary driven by the community.

2017 - They both start on first design prototyping in Melbourne.

2018 - Sophie relocates to Shanghai, China while continuing this startup business with Nikhil back in Australia.

2018 - Two weeks later, she meets Dounan Hu who is Le Wagon's Shanghai Program Director. 4 Le Wagon students loved the idea and worked together for two weeks to launch Signhow as a MVP. Lucas and Martin today continue to work with Sophie on further development on SignHow.

2018 - Nikhil comes second runner-up at Pitch X with Academy Xi, Two spaces and HyperApps in Melbourne.

2021 - Gold Winners of LinkTree Passion Fund - a global grant program designed to support creators, activists and entrepreneurs in taking their passion to the next level. We launch Signhow as a business thanks to this life-changing grant.

While there are 230 million deaf people worldwide, 70 million use sign language as their primary language and communication. However 70% are uneducated. That’s 50 million deaf people without an education… or a voice.

This is why SignHow was created, to change the story of deaf people forever.